New beginnings

February 18, 2019

Once again, here I am starting a brand new blog. I’m really disappointed by the fact that I’ve been creating personal websites since 2001 and I still don’t have one to call home. Actually… I didn’t, until today.

Last year a lot of great things happened to my personal and professional life, and that was only the beginning of a series of intentional changes that I’m committing to.

I used to be very active in the .NET, Node.js and Angular communities until 2016. I’ve always loved to learn new technologies that could help me build better software and use my experience to help others, but then, I vanished suddenly after starting to work a lot of extra hours on my new job. I am sorry for having vanished, but I’m very thankful for that job experience. I’ve worked with the most brilliant minds I’ve met until then, and they always inspired me to aim for greater things. I always knew that I needed to go back to the communities and I’ve visited some meetups organised by friends a few times, although it was far from my previous presence.

After receiving the news that I’d be a father, I worked out to optimise my time in the best way I could. I wanted to be the closest possible to my child as he grew. For that reason, I’ve moved from my regular job to a remote position in early 2018. I’ve been working for 10 months with a company from NYC, in a 100% remote team. That changed my lifestyle completely, and I’m really grateful for having done this change.

Today I work from my home, and while I do some occasional extra hours, I’m still very close to my child all the time, which is really awesome! I believe that I’ve found balance in this way of working because I’m really happy with it and my goals are just becoming higher and higher.

Now I’m taking back my virtual space and I’m really glad to have an online home again. Welcome and thanks for reading this post! I’ve big goals for sharing knowledge and experiences in 2019, and I also love writing, so, I was really anxious to be back to work on my blog.

In this blog, I’m going to share my experiences with software development, open source, meetups, conferences, and everything that inspires me. My purpose is to help other software developers find balance in their personal and professional lives.

Will you join me?

Filipe Oliveira

Written by Filipe Oliveira who likes working remotely, learning better ways of building software, and sharing his experiences with others.