My website garden

18 May, 2020

Currently, I post content on my website in two forms:

  • Posts: they share a story, a tutorial or some tips; I revisit them often to make sure they're up to date, and you can expect to be able to follow them and get some actionable output
  • Garden: they are all work in progress, my unfinished thoughts where I share things that I'm learning and may want to remember later; you may or may not benefit from this content, and I might write complete posts from some of this content

I am looking to add one more content type:

  • Lessons: they will be short, unpolished screencasts that are good enough for teaching something; unpolished because I have little time to work on them but I don't want this to be prevent me from recording, as I understand that video lessons are really useful

Connected Thoughts

Eventually, I want to interconnect all content from my website. It should work similarly to Roam Research: notes are connected to each other, and you can see a list of all the connected nodes at the bottom.

I am still researching how I will implement it. My website is currently authored with Gatsby and I'm currently happy with it. It'll be nice if I can keep it, but I won't bother changing to another technology that makes this simpler.

I really enjoy Roam's feature of linking pages in a graph, but there are lots if hiccups and things that could be better:

  • There is no offline support and the synchronisation process on slow networks is really poor, often the changes simply don't go out and the app doesn't make me any confident of leaving or refreshing the page, and I end up having to copy and paste it to another app for safety reasons
  • The graph overview becomes kinda useless after some point because it has a crap-ton of nodes and zooming in and out to find something is helpless
  • The graph overview doesn't accept default mac gestures for panning and zooming
  • Cannot search without using the mouse to click in the search bar, which can break the flow

Amazing features that I could integrate:

  • Capture screenshots of all links to external sites to show on hover
  • Update screenshots of external sites periodically

Resources to assimilate