Here you can check out a little bit of my professional work and personal projects. Please take in account that I cannot provide access and screenshots for most of my professional work because of NDAs, but I'm sharing here everything I can.

I currently work as a freelance Software Engineer through Upwork, and you can check my public profile here.

Professional work

BCV Social2018-current company website

Frontend Engineering role in a web application that helps social media and hospitality experts to manage social media of thousands of five star hotels worldwide.

HBSIS Primária2016-2018 company website

Full-time work on major logistics software that tracked over 500,000 GPS positions every hour of over 4,000 trucks all around Brazil. As a Senior Software Architect specialised in Frontend, my role was to work together with the Backend Software Architect and other Backend Developers to make sure our solution was headed to the best place we had the resources to. I have implemented the frontend alone, including the app design from scratch (based on inputs from the UX Designer) and without using CSS frameworks, and I was also responsible for the REST and WebSockets APIs, as well as the non relational database, and helped with relational databases and backend aspects too.

HBSIS Primária
NavalhApp2017-2018 react native source graphql source

Side project MVP built with work colleagues to help barbers manage their service information. We replaced handwritten notebooks in 8 pilot clients with this app. The app started as a very ugly Angular.js + jQuery proof of concept, then evolved to a React + Material Design web app, and lastly, to a mobile React Native + GraphQL app. I did UI design and completely implemented the React and React Native versions from scratch. The team unfortunatelly disbanded and the project was discontinued, but it's still running flawlessly in 3 clients.


Personal projects

Agenda Tech RMC2017 frontend source api source live app

Project ideated with many meetup organisers of my city, kickstarted by me, and with contributions from several other event organisers. It displays aggregated events from website of certain organisations, all running events in my home city. Published on Surge and Heroku with CI from Travis.

Tantalus2016 source

Development of an alternative Evernote client, that will mainly target Linux users. At the moment I started this project, I was an active Linux user and I always enjoyed using Evernote over all alternatives. The project is currently frozen and only frontend code is done, but I'll resume it on mid-2019.


Shell scripts to help me setup a fresh Debian based Linux distribution from scratch in minutes with all the apps I use everyday, from coding to listening to music. I used it a lot around 2016-2017 when I worked mainly on Linux and liked experimenting different Debian based distributions.